Agility Path and Distance

Age Requirements:  Minimum 12 Months – no upper age limit. For dogs less than 12 months old, please confer with the Jump Start Office and Instructor prior to registering

Prerequisites:  Must have completed Beginning Agility for Titles and/or be working on or capable of working on titles at the level of the class enrolled. All dogs need these basic skills: a good sit, down, stay and wait, a strong recall, be able to work off-leash around other dogs and should be either food or toy motivated.

Length of Class:  Six week session/class cost may vary.

Size of Class:  Limited to 8 students per instructor

Course Description:

Between 75 and 80 percent of a course is the space between the equipment.  Understanding and managing this space is critical to a successful agility run.  Path work is the management of this space. 

A good agility foundation should include path skills. This class is about understanding path and how to communicate it to the dog. As the communication skills develop so do other skills such as distance.      

A large portion of the class may be conducted using ground exercises as this allows the handler to focus on the path and not be distracted by jump bars, contact zones, etc.

The beginning exercises can be taught to both beginning and experienced agility dogs. Exercises will progressively become more challenging. Very young dogs and those without independent obstacle execution skills will not be able to participate in any exercise that would include standard agility equipment. These handlers will be given alternative exercises and are encouraged take notes on what they can work on once their dog has accomplished obstacle independence.

This class is not designed to train obstacle execution. Before a dog will be allowed to participate in any exercise that has agility equipment they need to demonstrate their ability to safely and independently perform the obstacle with the handler at least 3 feet away. 

To get the most out of the class it is recommended that dogs be able to execute all pieces of agility equipment independently and have some sequencing skill.  Dogs not yet to this level can learn and participate in the basic skills that will be covered during the class.      

Session Details:
Cost: $156.00
Length: 6 - 1 hour sessions
Size: up to 6

Upcoming Sessions:
Wednesday 3/7/2018 @ 8:15 PM with Karen Birdsong at Back Yard
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